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Watch out for Discord Nitro Scams - Boostly's Genuine Solutions

Discord is a widely popular communication platform that allows users to interact through chat, voice, and video calls. As a token to enhance its users' experience, Discord offers Nitro– one of its premium membership plans with cool features like better audio quality, higher upload limits, custom emotes, Nitro profile badge, and more. However, a scam has recently surfaced where hackers are duping users to click on fake links offering free Nitro.

Discord Nitro Scam Alert: How to Spot and Avoid It

The scam starts with a message that claims Discord is giving away free Nitro. The message, which often has a sense of urgency, asks the user to go to a website to claim their free Nitro before the first of April. The message may also claim that even if the user has had Nitro before, they can still claim it from this website.

Showcasing scammer website.

However, the truth is that this is a scam to trick users into completing offers to supposedly get Nitro, but the user never receives it. The scam website often has several links that lead to the same one-page website claiming that the user has obtained free Nitro and urging them to click a button to claim it. Although clicking the button may not cause any harm, the user is asked to complete offers to receive Nitro.

Firefox saving a user from being scammed.

To spot the scam, users should look out for several things in the message.

  • Be wary of messages that have a sense of urgency and ask the user to claim Nitro quickly. They often use fear by claiming that something terrible might happen if they don't claim Nitro.

  • Moreover, users should check the website link to determine if it is legitimate or not. Though the scam website may make it look like the official Discord Promotion page, the link often has a different URL. Be sure to double-check the website link before clicking on any links or buttons.

  • Discord often makes promotional material with text that is colorful and easy to read. However, the scam post may lack the same attention to detail, including masked links that let the user know which section to read. In contrast, the scam website will have links that lead to the same place, and clicking them may ask you to complete offers.

  • Finally, users can spot the difference between the legitimate article and the impostors by checking the site, for instance, if the scam post says "Community posts," whereas the article says "Articles," it's a scam post.

Scam website and a real website difference.


Overall, users should always be cautious when receiving messages claiming to give out free Nitro or any other promotion. It's always best to double-check the website before sharing any personal data or attempting to claim a reward. If you're still unsure about Nitro through Discord's legitimate promotions, check out tutorials to avoid scams. Don't fall for scams promising free Nitro; instead, rely on legitimate sources for obtaining Discord Nitro. Boostly is your partner in creating a more immersive and interactive space for your Discord community.



January 1, 2024


January 1, 2024


January 1, 2024


January 1, 2024

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