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Understanding the Benefits of Boosting Your Discord Server to Level 3

A discord server being boosted to level three with all perks unlocked.
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Boosting a Discord server to level 3 is a popular choice among communities seeking to maximize their experience. This article will delve into the compelling reasons why discord users choose to boost their servers to level 3.

Enhanced Server Content

Discord server level 3 boost unlocks additional features which drastically improve user experience. The server gets a 100MB upload limit for all members, ensuring larger documents, images, and videos can be shared seamlessly within the server.

High-Quality Audio

The audio quality in your server gets a substantial upgrade with server boost level 3. High-quality audio is vital for communities that frequently engage with voice communication or music streaming.

Additional Server Customization Options

Boosting a server increases the personalization options available[^3^]. These include a custom server invite background and a custom server banner. It's an effective way to imprint a server's unique identity and enhance the aesthetics of your community’s interactions.

Increased Emoji Slots

A level 3 boost comes with the backbone of online communication: emojis. With this boosting, slots for emojis increase to 250, offering a richer spectrum of emotion and expression for text communication.

Attracting Active Members

Boosted servers appear in the server discovery tab, making them more visible to potential members. This additional visibility can help drive more traffic to your communities, facilitating growth and interaction. Besides, the server boosts serve as a badge of commitment from and to the community, showing seriousness, and helps attract more like-minded individuals.

Boosting a Discord server to level 3 can significantly enrich your community's experience by providing enhanced features and customization options. Therefore, it's a worthy consideration for anyone seeking to take their Discord server to the next level.


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January 1, 2024


January 1, 2024


January 1, 2024


January 1, 2024

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