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Earn Money With Discord and Boostly: A Simple Guide

Welcome to an exciting opportunity involving Discord and Boostly. But before we delve into this lucrative offer, be sure to watch the video below for more valuable content.

Getting Started

We're eager to share how you can join in and start earning by sharing. Start by going to the Boostly affiliate website dashboard.

Access Boostly affiliate dashboard

Enter your email on the website, wait for your OTP, and you now have a Boostly account.

Dashboard customer portal page of

Obtain Your Affiliate Link

Head to your dashboard, click on "Affiliate Links," and copy your unique link. Paste it somewhere accessible, such as your Discord chat.

Dashboard page of boostlys affiliate program, with Store Affiliate ID field ready to copy.

Customize Your Link

Combine the end part of your copied link with the second link in the description. Replace the ID with your code, creating your personalized referral link. Example:

Screenshot of Discord channel, with text of boostly affiliate link.

Share Your Link

Promote your referral link across Discord, social media, or with friends interested in cost-effective Discord server boost deals.

Screenshot of boostly affiliate link being shared in Discord channel.

Profit from Referrals

For every purchase made using your link, you'll earn 40% of the total spent. Imagine earning $40 from a $100 purchase.

Access Boostly's Support

Should you encounter any issues or need assistance, simply join the Boostly Discord server, and open a support ticket. If you're not yet part of this supportive community, use the link in the description to join.

In conclusion, Boostly offers a straightforward way to profit from Discord. Don't hesitate, start sharing your link and earn today.



January 1, 2024


January 1, 2024


January 1, 2024


January 1, 2024

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